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Streams of Living Water LLC


Counseling Services

Diane Sardanopoli is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist, and a gifted speaker. She is the Executive Director & founder of Streams of Living Water, LLC, a  center in Hawthorne, NJ that provides counseling and teaching. Diane provides counseling to  children, adolescents, and women and she facilitates the Grief Recovery® Outreach Program.

Available For:

Retreats, Seminars, Conferences, Crusades and Outreach Events

Counseling Specialty Areas
  • Anxiety  

  • Depression  

  • Spiritual Struggles  

  • Parenting Concerns  

  • Unresolved Grief and Loss  Self-Esteem / Self-Worth Issues  

  • Emotional, Mental and/or Spiritual Abuse

  • Individual Counseling for Children, 

  • Adolescents, and Women  

  • Play Therapist (starting at three years of age) 

  • Interpersonal Conflicts / Marriage Counseling

Additional Therapeutic Services
  • Grief Recovery® Outreach Program  Helping Children Deal with Loss Educational  Study Group for Parents  

  • Psychotherapy Groups for Children,  Adolescents, and Women  

  • Psychoeducational Group for Parents of  Short Statured Children 

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            OFFICE ADDRESS:

               121 Rea Avenue

            Hawthorne, NJ 07506

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