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“I really feel like Diane did an excellent job in guiding me in my grief recovery. I love how her main focus was on my relationship with the Lord. Throughout my time with her I began to see myself the way God sees me and I started to understand and utilize the power of the Holy Spirit living inside me. She helped me believe in the power of prayer and exemplified a true spirit of peace. I'm eternally grateful for the work the Lord did through her.” -CV

Diane was thorough and compassionate right from the beginning. There was always clear expectations and yet she was very focused on your satisfaction as a client and where you wanted to go in the session. Diane always looked to God more than her own knowledge and was open to His leading which is why God brought me such healing. She was quick to listen and slow to speak, graceful and patient with her words directly targeting the heart of the matter, not the symptoms in both individual and couples counseling.” — Former SOLW


“Diane took my wife and I from a place of brokenness and walked with us to a place of healing.” –Former SOLW Client


“We are very thankful to have found Diane as a counselor for our defiant almost five years old.  She is a Godly woman who begins her sessions with prayer and who is very thorough with her work.  Our son liked her very much and learned from the counseling sessions with her.  She has very good ideas that are easy to implement and that help with the issues your child has.  She is compassionate and you can really see she goes the extra mile for her clients.  For us, it was a privilege to work with her.”  — Former SOLW Clients


“A very positive experience for our family. Although the focus of the sessions were on my 7-year-old daughter – assuring she could properly grieve the loss of her mother at age 3 – I was also educated how to grieve, whether it was in the therapy sessions or in the waiting room reading the books on display.” — Former SOLW client


“When I began with Diane, I wasn’t in a good place at all. I had been emotionally unhealthy for years and found myself on a continued decline. I was really at my breaking point. Diane not only provided me with the clinical support that I so desperately needed, she also provided the Spiritual support that brought things into perspective for me. Being a woman of God this is very important to me. … During my time with Diane, I have learned to love myself more and that I do matter. I have gained so much confidence; this confidence has caused me to be more effective in creating boundaries and learning the word “no” in a healthy and productive way. These are just to name a few of the life changing experiences that I have had with Diane. … Diane is a loving, gentle, attentive and wise person. She gives her complete, undivided attention to you. Her agenda is your agenda. She is very concerned about her client’s healing, progress, and successes. One of my favorite things about Diane is that she is a true praying woman of God. This allows her to use her craft in a loving way. She doesn’t condemn you or make you feel uncomfortable when sharing something that might make most people cringe, judge you and then walk away from you. Being able to trust is a huge thing for me and I don’t give it easily but, Diane has earned that. She is very discrete and handles your privacy as if it were her own. It is my blessing to have such a person in my life.” — Former SOLW Client


“I knew from the beginning that I, as an individual, was important to her.  Throughout my months of counseling, Diane helped me in more ways than I thought I needed. She was very understanding and compassionate.  Her insight and wisdom have helped me to view myself, others, and daily situations differently, but all for the better. My experience has changed the way I behave and think and has impacted me positively for the rest of my life.”  — Former SOLW Client


“Diane was a great listener, never tried to tell me what to do, but helped me in making my choices and steps.  Previously had been to a counselor where I could hardly get a word in!  Diane gave me moments of silence to absorb, or reflect, or grieve and never tried to rush me to a conclusion or through a session. She allowed me to proceed at my own pace and go in a direction that was most comfortable for me. Her personal interest and prayers for me were amazing.  When she said she would pray for me during the week, I knew she meant it.  I felt her heart was breaking as much as mine.”  — Former SOLW Client


“I came to Diane to work through a traumatic experience. I learned a little about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and why I was experiencing it.  We moved beyond that in my sessions and I learned a lot about myself and my relationship with God. I appreciated Diane’s perspective and focus on prayer.”  — Former SOLW Client

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