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Messages for Parents and Women

Diane is a dynamic and powerful speaker whose biblically founded messages teach sound principles of faith while infusing hope and truth, leaving listeners empowered and transformed by the Holy Spirit. Below are just a few of the topics she regularly preaches on, if you are interested in having Diane cover one of these topics (or another topic not listed)  at your next event please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Messages for Parents

  • Helping Your Child Grow in Their Identity in Christ

  • Helping Children Deal with Loss

  • The Power of Affirmation in a Child’s Life

  • The Power of Prayer in the Battle for Our Children

Messages for Women

  • A Woman’s Walk with Her God: Understanding Who You Are in Christ

  • Forgiveness: The Pathway to Healing

  • Living the Victories Life in Christ

  • Do Not Fear, I am with Thee!

Speaking Endorsements from Ministry Leaders & Audiences

Title of Teaching: Helping Your Child Grow in Their Identity in Christ
A teaching delivered at Mom’s Night Out at Hawthorne Gospel Church on August 27, 2015

“I loved the packet and handouts. The talk was really informative and helpful. I learned so much for my kids, but also for myself. Great information!”
—Krista Jenne, MNO Attendee, Hawthorne Gospel Church

“I was so blessed today as I sat and listened to you share about God’s Word drowning out the lies of the Enemy. This was so refreshing.”
–Debbie Ng, MNO Attendee, Hawthorne Gospel Church

“Your information was very helpful and I loved how your love for God and His word was so evident in your talk and how your suggestions and tips are centered around God.”
–MNO Attendee, Hawthorne Gospel Church

“I thank you so much for encouraging other moms to allow God to control situations. Thank you for tonight. I love to be educated and I think this is very important for all moms.”
–MNO Attendee, Hawthorne Gospel Church

Title of Teaching: Understanding Who You are in Christ
A teaching delivered at the 53rd Annual Christian Ministries & Spiritual Life Convention on October 26, 2013

“You touched my heart.  I’ve been thinking and hearing a lot on God’s love personally and hearing your teaching seamed to clear my thoughts up.”
— Convention Participant

“As I listened to Diane’s teaching I realized my problem, cause for it and how to work through it.”
— Convention Participant

“Very few speakers touch on how our relationship with our earthly Fathers impacts our relationship with our Heavenly Father- Very Important!”
— Convention Participant

Title of Teaching: Do Not Fear, I Am With Thee!  God’s Answers to Our Anxiety
A teaching delivered at the 51st Annual Christian Ministries and Spiritual Life Convention on Oct. 22, 2011

“Diane’s workshop helped me to see my anxiety differently and understand that applying the Word of God will alleviate my anxiety.”
— Convention Participant

“Diane’s workshop helped me to understand that I need to align my thoughts with The Word of God.  It opened my eyes to certain issues that prevented me from wanting to approach the Bible.”
— Convention Participant

Title of Message: A Women’s Walk with Her God: Understanding Who You are in Christ
A message delivered at the Refreshment &Reflection (R&R) Women’s Bible Study Fellowship at Hawthorne Gospel Church on January 15, 2011

“Diane did an excellent job.  Her message was such a clear presentation and understanding of God’s love and who we are in Christ!! Her talk had to have been divinely inspired.  I know that if the Lord could say it aloud, He would say well done, my good and faithful servant.  It was so easy to observe Diane’s love for the Lord and her love for the Word of God.  I appreciated Diane’s talk.  It was a blessing to me!”
— Colleen Savone, Director of Women’s Ministries, Hawthorne Gospel Church

“I was amazed by the passion, knowledge and love for Christ that I saw in Diane’s presentation. She was powerful! Diane’s talk was clear, filled with Bible verses, anecdotes and her love for Christ shown brightly. She was truly passionate in wanting us to know how God can transform us, by relying on Him in everything.  The battle with sin can be controlled by yielding to the Lord’s Word and ways. She said He is relentless for us. I left inspired to continue my journey to learn God’s Word and read and study the Bible every day. God spoke to all of us through Diane that morning.  A few women accepted our Lord as their Savior, also.  Praise be to God!”
— Debbie Reiher, R& R Attendee, Hawthorne Gospel Church

“What a true blessing Diane’s message of truth was to me.  She has a special God-given gift of speaking from the heart. Thank you for giving to the Lord.  I am looking forward to absorbing the material she handed out.”
— Linda Schwarz, R& R Attendee

Responses to Ministry videos and messages on Social Media

"Wow. Very beautiful and powerful. Praise the Lord. I really saw your heart and your intimacy with the Lord shine through. Breakthrough, anointing and boldness in the Lord. I felt transformation"-JL


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