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Diane Sardanopoli

Making a Difference


Her Vision: 


To empower and equip children and adults through counseling, coaching, speaking and writing to experience genuine love, peace, joy, and courage to fulfill the purposes for which they were created. 


To become the preeminent counseling center in New Jersey known for its excellence in care, professionalism and compassion offering biblically and clinically sound counseling, coaching and speaking services. 


Above is a short interview with Diane, detailing some aspects of her  testimony, heart and passion for God as well as her ministry in mental health counseling. Learn more about her approach to therapy and the way she blends both clinical counseling with it's traditional structure together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to shepard each individual she works with toward healing and wholeness. 

"What I do in my counseling, whether they are a believer in Jesus Christ or not, I pray for each of my clients and I'm led by the holy sprit in each session so I never use the same tool or intervention with each client. Every client is unique and their past is unique so I say that I'm eclectic because I don't just do one theory...I bring who I am and who the Lord has made me to be into every session. When I pray for clients they'll often say " how did you know to pray that?" and I say "I don't, I'm led by the Holy Spirit so it's His words that are coming out of my mouth".- Diane Sardanopoli, 2017 Gatekeepers interview with George Flores


Her Mission: 


Serve children and adults with compassionate professional counseling and outstanding clinical care by creating a safe and loving 

environment to grow, heal and be transformed. 

GateKeepers Interview with Diane
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